Shades of Cool by Lana Del Rey

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but Rodomiro was first  

you are invincible / i can't break through your world

kittyears 1 May 2015

Latest release from #ultraviolence by @LanaDelRey has just surfaced. Sultry as fu....k!   2

_Duffster 26 May 2014

Yes, I know, I know - Lana Del Ray relentlessly inhabits crazy-pretty-girl territory, but put that to one side and there are some soaring moments on Ultraviolence.   36

AlicejustMay 8 Jan 2015

I have not been a fan of LANA DEL REY, but I have to admit this piece of melodrama is pretty great. Reminds me of the excellent 'Memoirs at the End of the World' by The Postmarks.   1

joshhornik 20 Jun 2014

My track of the year.

DanielMasters 24 Dec 2014

the voice. damn.

thesummerofsam 7 May 2015