Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

JaimeLynBerman’s jam on 11 Apr ’13 and then 3 times after that (See all)

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Nothing scares me anymore...

mariaisherelove 3 Aug 2015

Just remember folks not everyone's cheery in summer especially not Lana. Love this though

cheeseonastick 2 Jul 2015

My little girl adores this song (amongst others) so I'm pretty proud that she has such sophisticated tastes - a nod to @timeisnow for the inspiration this time and a shout out to @thesunneversets as I know his daughter is also a fan... By the way Wednesday sees the start of #PrisonJam with @BladeRunner and anyone else who may be interested :)   27

MadameZia 12 Jul 2015

Kiss me hard before you go.

EmmaLou 19 May 2013

Don't really care about "authenticity" controversy; this is a cracking song.   5

McKelvie 3 Feb 2012

Another cool song from Lana Del Rey. This chick is really cool! Enjoy!   1

bariscamlidere 4 Oct 2012