Alas I Cannot Swim by Laura Marling


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Instant addiction to this song! Thanks, @Reviewist and @thisismyjam. :)

tracilawson 11 Aug 2012

i've been in such a laura marling mood lately, she's awesome

georgiaaa_l 7 Jan 2015

Even though I've owned this album for a few years I only heard the title track last week, bloody hidden tracks do ma nut in. The lyrics are just fantastic. Listen then go on take that jump, it may just make you happy.

billythepost 14 Apr 2015

i'll spend my life regretting that i never jumped in

zaezee 12 Dec 2014

There seems to be lots of Laura Marling in my news feed-y bit at the moment and I'm 100% okay with this, largely because stuff like this absolutely kills it.

HereBeAnkles 15 Apr 2014

A happy moment!

remynuma 16 Jun 2012