Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) by Laura Marling


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but adamashby was first  

Toasty warm jams for cold nights   2

HereBeAnkles 13 Nov 2014

#favourite #christmassy #winter #song ...shame it's not whiter outside ❄️

ClaireCastle72 23 Dec 2014

one more to go.   3

markwakeley 25 Sep 2015

this song feels like a cozy worn-in sweater.

EmmaLou 2 Jan 2013

Having a MAJOR sulk as I have not got one of the 200 tickets on the ticket lottery to see her at Hebden Bridge on the 28th Jan. Will still go in the hope of getting a ticket.

markwakeley 17 Jan 2015

Simply because Laura is one of my favourites. (PS: no, not leaving)   3

CloMlr 16 Mar 2015