I Feel Your Love by Laura Marling


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Disregard this version; listen to this one: https://youtu.be/SQA2Z9oDmgM   1

roydesmet 20 Mar 2015

Excellent radio session version of track from new album. Looking forward to her gig in Glasgow tonight. Still only 26, just getting better and better....   2

blue1meanie 25 Apr 2015

Seriously can't wait for the new record. "I Feel Your Love" by @lauramarlinghq is my new jam!

michellelee 19 Mar 2015

Laura Marling, who is just about to release her fifth album, turned 25 last month. Ponder that for a moment.   11

thisismymistake 11 Mar 2015

Not sure whether this or this harder blues version: http://youtu.be/SQA2Z9oDmgM (not available for TIMJ) is the one to be found on Short Movie, the forthcoming album, but either way me wants it.   2

lozarithm 6 Mar 2015

Ugh, bliss!

donnawilkins 9 Mar 2015