When Brave Bird Saved by Laura Marling


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A short film soundtracked by the beautiful four song suite that opens the'Once I was an Eagle' album. Dark and alluring.

AndyMack 17 Nov 2014

Damn all those people, Who don't lose control, Who will never take a foot out of life. You might not think that I care, But you don't know what I know.

nickycorrelje 22 Dec 2014

I was unsure which of the first 4 tunes from her brilliant new album to put up, when I spotted this, which is phenomenal (with thanks to nicholas_mm)

grumpy 4 Jun 2013

I was an eagle, and you were a dove.

tobyparkin 11 Sep 2014

The first 4 tracks of 'Once I Was An Eagle'. She is a delight.   2

jamiecater 31 Aug 2013

Once I Was An Eagle was such a good album.

elwoodpfearon 2 Sep 2014