Losing My Edge (Live at Madison Square Garden) by LCD Soundsystem


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Yes, I've got it. I HAVE GOT THAT FUCKIN BOX WITH THESE AWESOME 5 LPs ! I'm happy.   1

CreepyUnknown 19 Apr 2014

Gil! Scott! Heron! {Losing My Edge (live at Madison Square Garden)}

drhypercube 3 Aug 2012

I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know.

alexp76 5 Sep 2012

#IWasThere (haha - I wish!) Any interest, watch the rockumentary about LCD Soundsystem/James Murphy throwing in the towel "Shut Up and Play the Hits"   3

timeisnow 28 May 2015

I forked up the money on national #RecordStoreDay last month and bought the vinyl recording of #LCDSoundsystem's last show. This is my favorite song from #ShutUpandPlaytheHits. #JamesMurphy #LosingMyEdge #MadisonSquareGarden #April2 #2011   8

rvleonard 26 May 2014