Goodnight Irene by Leadbelly


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ALS took Leadbelly in 1949, and my brother Jim in 2003. And a whole lot of others, famous or not. The Ice Bucket Challenge is all the rage right now, and for all it's faults, the point is to give a person the feeling - for 1-2 seconds - of being unable to move, breathe, swallow, or speak. Like a person with ALS feels all the time. It's raised a lot of $ but not as much awareness as it could, but I'm cool with it. Google the ALS Association, they do good work.   3

3LeggedDawg 23 Aug 2014

Final Jam. Thanks Team Jam for the last 3 years. xxoo   1

iwilsonjr 24 Sep 2015

Due respect to Pete Seeger but this version is better.   1

ethanhein 28 Jan 2014

New year, old music.   1

thedailygrowl 9 Jan 2015