Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

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but raphael_bh was first  

A good song for my birthday me thinks !   7

alan50vin 24 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Robert Plant! And also to my cousin, who introduced me to Zeppelin!   8

metallicagirl 20 Aug 2014

You can't be too rich or listen to Kashmir and Whole Lotta Love too many times. Let the stars fill your dreams   9

Catherine 20 Oct 2012

I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been.

thesilverbeetle 14 Apr 2015

A nice long one to clear my head.   2

lah_ann 11 Mar 2015

Why not? @guitarman my eternal jam in best version possible. Plus, I didn't use rejam option that much, so I better use the opportunity while I can.   3

Catherine 1 Sep 2015