No Quarter by Led Zeppelin


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kfw 12 Jun 2012

John Paul Jones is the master.   6

jeffbuckley 6 Aug 2012

Beautiful without the vocals.

metalsriks 27 Apr 2015

Snow falls hard and don't you know The winds of Thor are blowing cold' Eternally in love with this one, esp. piano in the middle part (ca. 3min) - makes me goddamn shiver all the time. Surely "Houses.." is definitely a must-have album that everyone should listen to.

alle 20 Jul 2015

I love it for it's mood. I know some people tell this song is about Vikings comming, some say this song tells about the apocalypse... For me this song is about encapsulating void which enters your soul instedad of forgiveness when you are betrayed again, and there is no more strength to forgive. No Quarter.

patherine 2 Oct 2014

Simply brilliant   7

ZeppelinRule 23 Nov 2012