The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin

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but russss was first  

Hope it's not my #lastjam :(   3

bullu 19 Aug 2015

I am on a bit of a Led Zeppelin binge at the moment.   1

russss 20 Jan 2012

Ending the year (and starting the new one) with some Zeppelin. See you guys in 2015.   3

metallicagirl 31 Dec 2014

At the tale end of the 70's I was introduced to this track by friends. Back then in my mind Zep were a really heavy rock band, it's only in later years as my music taste was expanding and being more tolerant of styles of music I wasn't that familiar to I can now credit Zep introducing me to plain and simple folk music. A wonderful into as the whispering guitar gains volume then Percy comes in with a fantastic vocal performance, and in the early days I never noticed the wonderful other voice. Always thought the vocals were done by Percy alone, probably always played the bloody album to loud to notice Sandy Denny add sheer beauty and depth to the track. No drums just a beautifully plucked guitar by Mr Page and mandolin to ring out and make you ache to hear more of it. Led Zeppelin the most important band in rock music? Or simple musical pioneers never the like seen of since?

billythepost 18 Feb 2015

I don't think it's allowed to go more than 3 months without jamming Zep. Anyway, this has Sandy Denny on it. Even more reason.....   5

obadiah99 14 Apr 2014

Happy Plant & Lovecraft Day! I'm the only person I know who celebrates this, so far. #RobertPlant #HPLovecraft #PlantAndLovecraftDay

Schaeffer 20 Aug 2015