The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin


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"These are the seasons of emotion/And like the winds they rise and fall/This is the wonder of devotion/I see the torch we all must hold/ This is the mystery of the quotient/Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall…"

gracelilacwine 19 Apr 2015

The weather has shifted here from the traditional Summer heat to some light showers. Have some Zeppelin to celebrate the cool summer rains.

dandoesmusic 28 Jun 2015

A grey wet Monday what better cure?   3

markwakeley 18 May 2015

#HappyMothersDayJam and #SundaySoother all in one! Robert Plant was my first rock star crush. Those jeans.....wait, I mean his voice.....Anyway, Happy Mothers Days (especially to those parents that played both roles) may this day find you surrounded with family, friends and good tunes~   24

christineb 11 May 2014

Music. The Rain Song. Led Zeppelin. The guitar, violins, all of it; perfect. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

bmqld 11 Jan 2012