Got It Bad by LEISURE

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Such a tune.   1

kaylahillier 25 May 2015

‘Got It Bad by LEISURE’ the joys of random foreign radio shows, to introduce you to tunes that you should have already heard. Thanks to RadioKaosItaly on Mixcloud

randombethbeth 21 Jun 2015

Read more about #LEISURE on ! Love child of Jungle and Tame Impala with a groove that sits well with a pineapple and passion fruit cocktail, parasol and a deckchair alongside a vivid turquoise swimming pool. The band takes no chances of being left out of any beach/poolside discos this summer with such a compelling track. Your perfect summer outdoor tune, fit for any occasion that might be thrown at your intrepid music senses, listen instead… #sodwee #gotitbad #LEISURE #auckland #newzealand #musicblog

sodwee 27 Apr 2015