Ramblin' Man by Lemon Jelly

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David (now Lord) Owen was a British Home Secretary, founder of the Social Democratic Party and special envoy to the former Yugoslavia. At school, by many accounts, he was irritating. One of his teachers had this to say in his school report at Bradfield: "If I were planning an arduous and dangerous journey to the Antarctic, Owen would be one of the boys I would choose to take along with me. And I would leave him there." This week and next see good friends and colleagues embark on new adventures: some round-the-world adventures, some New York adventures, some new job adventures. All of whom we hope arrive safely. None of whom we would leave in the Antarctic. To wish them bon voyage, some adventuresome music

matthewq 24 Jul 2014

Here's to entertaining the nomad in 2015. A lovely little gem from Lemon Jelly's "Lost Horizons."

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Cathartic travel tune #ramblinperson   1

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The joys of random play.   13

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