I'm Your Man by Leonard Cohen


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but metagnat was first  

`Lucky to have the opportunity to take this pic of Mr Cohen about eighteen years ago. The ultimate gentleman.   4

ken1 23 Jan 2013

Chose a static image - the words are enough.   3

yolandapowell 4 Dec 2013

I've been running through / these promises to you / that I made and I could not keep   4

flaneur 23 Mar 2012

I'd claw at your heart and I'd tear at your sheet, I'd say please.   4

OnlySimonLucas 3 Feb 2014

Preferred link: http://youtu.be/YuCpTi0EtbU Newly released video of this '88 classic from Len's "Live in Dublin" album of the concert in Sept '14. Inspiration from an 80 year old for the young, the less young, and not quite as old.   6

itskerryc 6 Dec 2014

Happy 80th Birthday to Leonard Cohen!   3

junkycosmonaut 22 Sep 2014