Suzanne by Leonard Cohen


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A late submission to #SongsWithGirlsNames - I know it's an obvious one, so it has probably already been jammed for it, but I love this song, so it's a good excuse to play it... Thanks to @christineb for coming up with such a great theme... :)   10

melissapulo 29 May 2014

Chemo is bad this week......4 bad days and about a little bit of LC to brighten the bleak days........enjoy and jam away!!!!!!!!!!!   10

njparry 21 Nov 2013

Truely remarkable. My favourite from many.

PartyTearsFew 13 Nov 2013

And here, "The Master of Erotic Despair" despairs in his most erotic fashion.   1

lukeduggan2006 13 Apr 2013

Very of its time - but accurate about being young etc

ciaranryan 16 Mar 2015

Been my earworm for almost a week. Lovely.   2

Snafflepuss 9 Jul 2015