Tower Of Song by Leonard Cohen

“Happy Birthday dear Leonard! x”

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Happy Birthday dear Leonard! x

1outside 21 Sep 2013

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lukedsico 9 Dec 2011

A-do-do-dum-dum, A-do-do-dum-dum

Chiasm 3 Nov 2014

This is how I leave you, "This is my Jam" with a playful version of a pure classic.  The fact that this stayed a happy place for users is a small miracle.  "So I bid you farewell, I don't know when I'll be back  / They're moving us tomorrow to that tower down the track / But you'll be hearing from me darling, long after I'm gone / I'll be speaking to you sweetly From a window in the Tower of Song" Thank you, devs. And good luck to all. #finaljam

Mercurywaxing 22 Sep 2015

This is the cover that I had hoped to post to post but it wasn't jammable.... love this one --> (J&MC version)   7

KBro 9 Sep 2013

working in Country music radio for the past decades, i don't spend a lot of time looking for new non-Country stuff. first heard this one on the excellent webstation: PlanetPootwaddle and love it to death.

stevewarren 16 Sep 2014