Compared to What by Les McCann & Eddie Harris

pez’s jam on 16 Mar ’12 and then once after that (See all)


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but fredmantis was first  

Nice.   1

pez 16 Mar 2012

Listen to this, then never ever say you don't like Jazz ever again!!

BigMcStu 20 Feb 2014

This Vietnam War protest song recorded live at Montreux Jazz Festival in 1969 went over extremely well. Unfortunately, the video is banned for use on here by a typically greedy Warner Music Group, but can be seen on youtube. (I'm getting the ol' red dotted line spelling error indicator under both Montreux & youtube, the former I'd apologize for, the latter...nah!...but I can't see where the mistake would be...maybe I'm losing it, but, compared to what?)   1

dgwise 24 Aug 2014

Where's that bee and where's that honey? Where's my god and where's my money?   1

pburnham 9 Dec 2013

Thanks to WYEP soul soul on saturday for reminding me of this   1

fredmantis 12 Dec 2011

This was my #firstjam   15

pez 14 Aug 2015