Nomalizo by Letta Mbulu

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Looking forward to playing a couple of Buddy Guy  tracks (from 2008's Skin Deep album) on the radio this week. He has a new album out at the end of July, same producer as Skin Deep, so expect more of the a good way that is. Could only get a clip for this track but check it out on Youtube here  I'll also be playing a couple of tracks from The Last Internationale and Neil Young's Act Of Love (I jammed that a while back). Super stuff...   12

cbinseoul 5 Jul 2015

"Apolitical, hypocritical big money Nazi cause Protect the unborn, beat on a whore" can't wait to see them at square roots fest in chicago 7/10   2

scottjasta 9 Jul 2015

Yes I know... the band name adds a bad taste, but the song is wonderful. Found it a couple of weeks ago on spotify. Unfortunately I couldn't find the full version here. This is just a snippet. Full version here:   14

Avante 8 Jul 2015


taylorswift666 9 Jul 2015

Throwback Thursday - still awesome decades later.

silberspy 9 Jul 2015

Well, it's no Showaddywaddy... (full version this way   4

seaofheartbreak 21 Jun 2015