I Want You To Want Me by Letters to Cleo

“Audience video, low-fi, doesn't even remotely matter.”

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Audience video, low-fi, doesn't even remotely matter.

BryantD 7 Apr 2013

Such a great song! And a great film!! :) This soundtrack really got me into this kind of music

Loopylass 6 May 2013

we watched 10TIHAY earlier for some reason so...

iamHews 21 Aug 2014

The version I love. I only recently discovered that is was actually by Cheap Trick. Thanks Sheena. :)

PollyG 16 Aug 2012

This was quite something...and still is!

stuckindagroove 10 May 2013

For no reason other than I find it jolly.

zero_butterfly 3 Jan 2012