De cara a la pared by Lhasa de Sela

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Crying Face to the wall The city turns off.. Praying Saint Mary   1

Alice_oAlice 4 Oct 2012

I first heard Lhasa while rummaging in a quirky old toy store in Montmarte, Paris. This song came on and the shop assistant told me about her. Born in New York of Mexican and Jewish descent. She mixes everything from traditional Mexican music to klezmer to alternative rock. She later moved to France. Sadly passed away in 2010 as a result of breast cancer.

mr_omneo 20 Jan 2014


In_Cognitus 7 Jan 2013

Dreaming, with face against the wall, the city's burning down. Dreaming, without a breath, I want to love you.

aonghasvansant 18 Dec 2013

I first heard this song when I saw Lhasa open for Dr. John back in 1997. It stuck in my head for well over a year before I heard it again. Haunting...   3

snit 22 Jul 2014