Rà-àkõ-st by Lindstrøm

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Not one to sit still, is he?? More great music from Hans-Peter.

markcmphillips 9 Nov 2012

Loving this whole album!

vgan 12 Jan 2013

More straight-ahead coder music. This might also be good for a late-night drive: gray nights and streetlights.   1

dangerdave 13 Dec 2012

Norway strikes twice! Together with last week's jam by Annie, this cosmic techno tune has also been on heavy rotation on my way to work. Both easily capable of opening a Fincher movie. We shall start spinning now.   2

gxhxoxsxtxfxm 26 Aug 2013

Discovered this totally by accident when listening to Todd Terje station (another jam).

rocknrollah 25 Apr 2013

This new Giorgio Moroder track from Daft Punk actually pushed me to listen to more delicious Lindstrøm.

absolu 23 May 2013