Where You Go I Go Too by Lindstrøm


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OK, I know it may be a little long... but what a ride.

andyknightesq 29 Nov 2012

One of my favourite Norwegians #HopeYouLikeIt

jovisgoesnuts 13 Dec 2014

Just because

roseds_ 11 Nov 2013

Norwegian Producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician extraordinary. I just love his work, this piece is outstanding. To get a real feel for it you really ought to listen to it again...and then you'll probably want to again. Hope you like it as much as I do. #jovisgoeselectronic   15

jovisgoesnuts 25 Nov 2013

The first 15 minutes' worth, anyway; pt 2 on YouTube for the full 28m. Someone's heard "E2-E4" a few times.

Marco 4 Apr 2012

My getting-stuff-done soundtrack of choice. Never fails to motivate me. Bloody marvellous!

mr_trick 17 Dec 2011