GUILTY ALL THE SAME (feat. Rakim) by Linkin Park


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I enjoy Linkin Park and LOVE Rakim! Great track.

BryanEWallace 12 Jun 2014

Great pace and a few crescendos. A new Linkin Park record always bring some joy to the day

gstapleton3 3 Jul 2014

Day 9: The newest LP song. Came out a few weeks ago. Possibly a new musical direction?

Rukaven 18 Apr 2014


uberlinco 8 Mar 2014

Jam of the Week: @Linkinpark "Guilty all the same" Just when i think im done with LP they pull me back in!

The_Hazimaru 31 Jul 2015

Bloody love this song, can't wait for the new album and seeing them at @downloadfest

mr_andy_c 2 May 2014