I Don't Know by Lisa Hannigan

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Too twee - but catchy enough that I hear it in my head a couple of times a year... and I didn't realise she also covered "Video Games"   1

ciaranryan 13 Mar 2015

I don't know if you can dance / if the thought ever occurred to you / if you eat what you've been given / or you push it round your plate / I'd like to cook for you all the same   1

twigs 31 Jan 2014

Sunday brunch jam.

Marthyn1337 25 May 2014

I love Lisa Hannigan, I don't post enough of her. The last album isn't that old but I want another one already

cjn22 13 Nov 2012

"You don't know if I can draw at all or what records I am into, If I sleep like a spoon, or rarely at all..."

melking 3 Aug 2013


jrasmussen 8 Feb 2015