Stay by Lisa Loeb

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but eartle was first  

It has been very mid-90s in my head recently.

katzette 25 Apr 2015

Some people say Lisa Loeb is coming back...I say she never left.

cass 20 Feb 2013

Impress your friends by inexplicably knowing and singing all the words on a road trip back from the seaside!   2

eartle 12 Oct 2011

This song and "Reality Bites" where my entire concept of adult relationships when i was 14

luis_sosa 12 Jun 2012

All you have to say is "Stay"

carlosmcgregor 28 Feb 2013

Dedicated to the old man vacuuming the floors in Kohl's, whistling along to this song like he meant it.   4

inthefade 1 Oct 2012