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#1964 #gospel #longlivethejams #tillthewheelsfalloff as TIMJ winds down I want to sneak in one last jam by possibly my favorite person in all of gospel music. have a gander around the internet about Willmer Broadnax if you care to. such an inspirational man. in fact a living embodiment of trailblazing, in a time where someone like Willmer didn't need any further scrutiny or obstacles to a healthy, vibrant life. and through it all,his inner light and enthusiasm shone through despite anything. #runon   3

vorbis 24 Sep 2015

Like Billy Tipton, Wilmer "Little Axe" Broadnax was transgender before the term existed. Amazing voice, whatever identity served.

annkpowers 27 Sep 2013

early 60s gospel tune from group led by Willmer Broadnax, who lived his life as a man, but upon his death ....   2

vorbis 20 Apr 2012