Little Shop Of Horrors by Skid Row

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I am having a craving to re-watch the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors. If you look carefully, you can see Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf's Cat) in some of the scenes in the background. He is in this opening number.

Susan_Silver 10 Mar 2015

"You put in your 8 hours, for the powers that have always been. 'Til it's 5pm...."

edlweiss1 7 Jun 2013

I really love it.

wadeininfinity 18 Nov 2013

This recording is a little bit different than the one on the official soundtrack, but it's still good.

ScreeamingMimi 7 May 2013

In honor of this turning up on Netflix instant, and a middle finger to Mondays

Mlle_Christina 9 Apr 2012