Siren's Call by Live


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OMFG, new Live, new Live! They're back with Chris Shinn on vocals. He sounds like Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) channeling the ghost of Ed Kowalczyk, which is the opposite of how things actually worked out. :S ...Shinn sang for Unified Theory, which picked up with half of Blind Melon after Hoon died. It was a real gem. This track comes with an intro describing how live this Live is. I like how it's a little grittier than old Live and just love that they're back! :D   3

Drek 17 Nov 2014

Continuing with my TOP 5 albums of the year. at #4 I choose "Live" with their new AMAZING comeback album "The Turn"... It's the perfect comeback album for such an AMAZING band!!! Please enjoy "Siren's Call" #MusicaMUYBUENA #GREATMusic #Live #TheTurn   2

Metaldalz 8 Dec 2014