The Beauty Of Gray by Live


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This came up on random on my ipod yesterday and I was pogoing like mad through my house. Ed Kowalczyk has one of those voices that gets me fired up.   1

edlweiss1 16 Mar 2015

"The perception that divides you from him is a lie..." words that began a revolution within me. #beautyofgray

worfrat71 16 May 2013

October 1994, Live and Weezer at the Price Center at UCSD. Great show. Every now and again I listen to Live (especially Mental Jewelry) and realize how great a band they were (are?). Love the lyric: "the perception that divides you from him(her) is a lieā€¦" yes, yes. Hope you like this one, Jammers. #liveacts #live #beautyofgrey

worfrat71 13 Mar 2014