Cult of Personality by Living Colour


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#bandnameorigins...Ahh the busy life..missed my jammers...still rocking this theme though and will probably return to it from time to time. Living Colour formed in 1984 in NYC was an incredible blend of Heavy metal, jazz, hip hop and rock to name a few. They simply chose their name from a TV intro from the American TV station NBC - no big story there simple and to the point. Lots of messages placed in the video - One of them being the little girl at the beginning staring at the TV - It is reminiscent of the movie Poltergeist and was a nod to how at the time everyone got their information from a screen - almost Zombie-like...we are very different today though (ahem). This song won a Grammy in 1990 for Best Rock performance.Clip below..   23

SheRa 8 Jun 2015

Such a great song. Forgot about all the Body Glove gear. :)   3

Hemidal 25 Aug 2014

This song was huge in the U.S. at the end of the 80s. I don't hear it so much anymore though. I know FDRs and JFKs famous quotes so well primarily because of this tune.   6

kfarrnd 10 Dec 2014

Spend your Sunday moshing in a Body Glove wet suit

mar61980 1 Jul 2013

(And during the few moments that we have left We want to talk right down to earth in a language That everybody here can easily understand)   1

rumn8tr 7 May 2015

These guys.

lizzyloo 30 Mar 2015