Fuck and Run by Liz Phair

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but hellnope was first  

I want all that stupid old s**t like letters or sodas.

LaurnieBeth 19 Sep 2014

yeah, it is like that, isn't it

arinn 1 Nov 2012

This album really came out of nowhere and blew me away. So much raw feeling and real emotion. I have this strong memory of listening to this album over and over while driving through long winding roads in Colorado, windows down, feet crushing junk food wrappers on the floorboard, while the late afternoon sunshine danced through the tall thin trees all around the truck. All the songs are good, and I recommend consuming the album as a whole, but I picked 'Fuck and Run' because it was the first time I heard a women talk like this on a record and it impacted me and forced me to look at women a bit different. It was a positive change and opened my eyes a bit more to reality.

elmofromok 22 Sep 2014


ronnyjowe 12 Sep 2015

I can feel it in my bones: I'm gonna spend another year alone. #EndJams

bbionic 4 Sep 2015

This song was surprisingly comforting.

skelakit 22 Feb 2015