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"Stay Awake" by London Grammar. Beautiful.

GallaValhalla 27 Sep 2013

What do you afraid of ?

astromech 9 Jan 2015

London Grammar was one of those wonderful discoveries made here. (I can't remember who first jammed it, but thank you.) I've been listening to them a lot and find their music to be the perfect accompaniment to the autumnal nightfall—slow, moody, slightly melancholic but with introspective, heartfelt lyrics that remind you of younger days past. Give this song, and their album "If You Wait," a listen…you won't be disappointed.   6

lesamourai 25 Nov 2013

What are you afraid of? I know that you are.

ogomie3 8 Feb 2015

Friday jam - this album is blowing my mind. Thanks hubs @skmcreative for making me listen x

RWheats 6 Sep 2013

Track Of The Day (Glastonbury/Q337 preview):

QMagazine 25 Jun 2014