I've Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat

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davidaprice 8 Mar 2012

Since I can't find my greatest hit cassingle I'll watch the video.

davidaprice 8 Jul 2013

Been "thinking about" someone (who maybe doesn't know it)? If so, we'll swing you from "creepy" to "cheesy" with this number...   1

MarkKriegsman 5 Aug 2013

Ok! So Undecimber didn't go down that well. How about something completely different? Some R'n'B from the early 90's. I'd like to dedicate this to @IndiIxie. Haven't heard from her in a while and I've been thinking a little about her. Not in a totally inappropriate loving way like this song. More of a friendly 'Whatcha been up to' sorta thing. :)   2

robyncullwick 27 Jun 2013