She Said by Longpigs

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gingerbeardman 28 Aug 2015

A seriously underrated band.

AimeeGreen 7 Apr 2015

Courting controversy here. Old Progtologist (excellent description, as provided by ma' friend Phylsta' @Phyl) Jams 90s and mid-90s at that, toon! When I careered towards my later 30s, music had changed so significantly from my comfort zone, I had to manufacture a dignified, yet trendy air of cool. This of course, would have nothing to do with chatting up younger laydeez, on nights out with my big pal, Stuarty...actually, it had pretty much everything to do with that. Clutching gamely at the straw of yoof culture, we would parade our 'experienced, quasi-getting on a bit, but still current' credentials & cast more than a fleeting glimpse at charty stuff, to prove we still had what it took. A Glasgow club we frequented, did play some half decent 70s rock, from time to time, which when necessary, we claimed not to know, despite singing lustily along. However, this excellent song captured our attention & we leapt around with the best of 'em, like Bank Managers on acid. Still love this...   28

21schizoid 8 Apr 2015

If ever a song was about me, then this is it. Sing it to me, Crispin...

melissastevens 26 Oct 2014

90's nostalgia 28 Jan 2012

One of the best debut albums ever made.   2

Olimite 8 May 2015