Team by Lorde

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but JJ5000 was first  

Well, her music's rather not my thing but I really like this song.   2

HappyZebra 29 Apr 2014

"I'm kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there" is now my third favourite lyric of 2013. "Pure Heroine" is a fantastic album that more people should hear.

CallumPetch 6 Oct 2013

Ack! My source was removed from YouTube. Let's try again.   2

potatoskin 15 Sep 2013

Go Team!   1

JJ5000 13 Sep 2013

This just beat "ribs" to the punch to become my jam!

Oldy86 22 Feb 2014


punkpopchihiro 4 Nov 2014