The Love Club by Lorde


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but aru was first  

She's a 16-year-old New Zealander, sings and writes all her own stuff; is ridiculously good. Just jammed Royals by her; this deserves attention too. #TalentDownUnder.   6

AlicejustMay 25 May 2013

"There's nothing more I want/Except to be alone"

almightyj 30 Aug 2015

there are fights for being my best friend

seafaire 1 Mar 2015

My new jam is from New Zealand.   1

akurjata 25 Feb 2013

And it still reminds me of #NMTD...

wibbelkind 23 Aug 2015

there's nothing more i want, except to be alone

kamukura 3 Aug 2015