Fist City by Loretta Lynn

“Smile when you say that.”

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Smile when you say that.

douglaswolk 22 Dec 2014

Just a song by Loretta Lynn about punching other women.

stevelambert 13 Dec 2014

Loretta Lynn is the grand master of reading.

garota 23 Jul 2015

Not quite what I thought this song was gonna be about, but a burn-laden joyfest nonetheless.

SchorkWeek 4 Feb 2013

"The man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can." I adore her and her spitfire, ass-kicking ways.   1

goregeosity 10 Jan 2015

I'm still disappointed there isn't an actual Fist City. Perhaps when we colonize the moon.

hellaskeletons 12 Jun 2015