Songs About Your Girlfriend by Los Campesinos!

“Catchy as all hell”

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Catchy as all hell

Eric_Abrams 4 Jun 2012

i always thought this was one of the least interesting songs on the album, but it suddenly shot up to my favorite. maybe my sense of humor has changed?

AHR 15 Apr 2014

"Songs I've written about your girlfriend/Are just killing time while my heart is on the mend"

PELightning 23 Oct 2013

all the songs i've written about your girlfriend are just psalms of spite since it came to an end.

leia 16 Sep 2014

It's definitely a LC! kind of few days. ^_^

Hyperactivbliss 21 Nov 2012

I bet this is the best bit of being in a band

davemcleod 18 Dec 2011