Andy's Chest by Lou Reed

“Will miss you Lou.”

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Will miss you Lou.   1

edgarwright 27 Oct 2013

Current ear worm (Lou version or Velvet Underground – you choose)

duncehat 27 Feb 2014

Break time. "Instead of an indentured ocelot on a leash, I'd rather be a kite." Cheers me up - Lou's funny!

KenMcCandless 13 Dec 2011

RIP, Lou.

smylie 27 Oct 2013

Weird and as with most of Lou Reed’s both utterly rock while calm and contained. (by the way, bonus: a version on YouTube ripped from vinyl with a brilliantly associated russian movie

dafp 25 Sep 2014

'And just like in a movie, her hands became her feet.' Obviously. I think you might get the whole album with this link, but that may be no bad thing...   1

Fullam 23 Jan 2015