Andy's Chest by Lou Reed

“Will miss you Lou.”

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Will miss you Lou.   1

edgarwright 27 Oct 2013

RIP, Lou.

smylie 27 Oct 2013

'And just like in a movie, her hands became her feet.' Obviously. I think you might get the whole album with this link, but that may be no bad thing...   1

Fullam 23 Jan 2015

Current ear worm (Lou version or Velvet Underground – you choose)

duncehat 27 Feb 2014

Weird and as with most of Lou Reed’s both utterly rock while calm and contained. (by the way, bonus: a version on YouTube ripped from vinyl with a brilliantly associated russian movie

dafp 25 Sep 2014

One of my all time favorites! Shocked and appalled that it's taken me so long to post any VU, Lou Reed or John Cale...guess I was afraid that once I did, I'd jam nothing but. Oh well, seal's been broken!

JamieMadness 29 Sep 2014