Busload of Faith by Lou Reed

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Sweet Lou + mullet

davidcard 17 Oct 2014

been listening to this album for nigh on 20 years, still feels raw and fresh

Cormacaroni 5 Apr 2012

Let me be one more drop in the waterfall of Lou Reed tributes this week. One of my favorite songs of his even if it did come out in 1989. Busload indeed.

ravann 28 Oct 2013

From one of the truly timeless albums....

martintibbetts 22 Apr 2013

Thinking of that album, of wandering around Europe with @bearman, and of a quarter century gone by (http://www.metafilter.com/142019/See-you-next-year-at-the-halloween-parade-Lou-Reeds-New-York-at-25#5691805).   1

wonderchicken 19 Aug 2014