Caroline Says II by Lou Reed

“But she's not afraid to die...”

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But she's not afraid to die...

joeldurhamjr 9 Jul 2012

The third most harrowing song on side two of Berlin, generally regarded to be the cheerier side. Enjoy, pop pickers!

Ross_Brown_ 29 Oct 2013

I was away when the news of Lou Reed's death broke. Caroline Says II is brutal lyrically, tho not musically, and touches on matters that few other artists feel worthy of comment. RIP.   1

rocknrollisking 1 Nov 2013

And here's your downer (but great) song for a Wednesday.

smylie 15 Aug 2012

All her friends called her Alaska.   2

leblic2 27 Sep 2014

Lou Reed Passed away Today. He will be Missed #RIPLou

gabethevegan 27 Oct 2013