Last Great American Whale by Lou Reed

thubbard’s jam on 27 Oct ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“HIs was a greatness to behold...”

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but ufez was first  

HIs was a greatness to behold...

thubbard 27 Oct 2013

The Humpbacks have been in here on the southern most point of Ireland - singing for the memory of Lou across the Atlantic perhaps?   3

parafoxa 29 Nov 2013

Lou Reed R.I.P   1

atom_man 27 Oct 2013

OK I give in, here's my Lou Reed TIMJ. This is what came to mind on the platform at New Cross in the wind and the rain as I read of his death on Twitter.

ChrisTT 28 Oct 2013

what can you say really.....   4

hilldavids 27 Oct 2013

Off the Carolinas the sun shines brightly in the day / the lighthouse glows ghostly there at night. / The chief of a local tribe had killed a racist mayor's son / and he'd been on death row since 1958.

hipsterplease 28 Oct 2013