Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed


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but roitsch was first  

This may be the coolest rock song ever written.   1

robbfritz 19 Nov 2012

Jam Of The Day just had to be a Lou song today. In case you missed it yesterday, we're collecting all the tribute jams being posted here: https://www.thisismyjam.com/farewell/lou   6

TeamJamPicks 28 Oct 2013

Carrying on the theme from Lola... Would have loved to have visited The Factory in it's heyday, wonder where all the Warhol Superstars are now.   4

markhyson 15 Apr 2015

Transformer, definitely in my top 100 albums .

blushift01 9 Oct 2014


milabyte 13 Jan 2015

#samplified ends its first week with a bit of the recently departed Lou. Could he kick it? I think he could: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71ubKHzujy8&feature=kp   4

tomdwilly 19 Apr 2014