I Get Nervous by Lower Dens

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I've had this in my head all week.

daleof 23 May 2012

"Lady, I get nervous Just a-being in your service" Slow growing song to slow growers. Slow paced rock.

arthurmilas 10 Jun 2014

How has it taken me this long to listen to this album!? THIS IS TOTALLY MY JAM!   1

jedsundwall 9 Dec 2011

"You think you love me, don't you?" Hope Lower Dens will play this song from 2010 at their London show.   1

johannakoll 8 Jul 2012

*slowly nods head*

copacetickid 23 Jan 2013

the guitarist in this band was ( is?) Erik's best friend and I feel really stupid for not realizing it sooner

hairyskeletor 17 Oct 2013