The Six Day Moment by Lubomyr Melnyk


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It's never too late to discover something completely groundbeaking. Lubomyr Melnik is 65 and has been playing "continuous piano", the new way of approaching the old instrument, since 1979. And I never heard of him (and I'm not alone). Why? Read the P4K feature to find out (, buy the fantastic album "Corollaries" out on Erased Tapes (, and listen to as much of his other albums as you wish - there are many.   1

snobo 12 Apr 2014

One man and a piano. This album, Corollaries, from 2013 is one of the best I've listened to in a long while. Opening up doors in my brain. Lubomyr makes an appearance on the first part of my best of 2013 mixtape, which can be found here: You have to wait until the end of the mixtape to hear Melnyk, but I think the build-up to him is rather fine as well :)   2

Adamo 13 Jan 2014


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