Go Home by Lucius


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This is the official video in lieu of the performance on later with Jools that I couldn't find online.   2

treefell 6 May 2014

Latest girl band obsession. Awesome recommendation by a fellow jamjammer, @jayleophillips   4

GameroSays 4 Apr 2012

I know I've posted this @ilovelucius track once before, but I'm still buzzing from seeing Lucius live in Dublin on Saturday - so no apologies for posting again. It was lovely to see the band surprised and smiling at the level of crowd participation - amazing gig! Much more interactive that this recording from Later with Jools. My favourite moment in the gig was when Lucius abandoned the stage and pushed their way into the centre of the packed sweaty crowd to perform the last two numbers completely unamplified - beautiful finish. Review  http://mandyjwilson999.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/lucius.html   11

BarneyRubble 27 Oct 2014

Late to the table, as ever. This band were part of David Byrne's Contemproary Color event. I wish David Byrne used This Is My Jam, too.

JamesTopham 25 Jun 2015

Boring thumbnail, electrifying music. The vocals are ace, and the slide guitar is familiar and surprising at the same time. Watch it!   1

radionowhere 23 Mar 2015

Completely out of ibuprofen, euros and clean underpants. It's time to "Go Home" 😕 @ilovelucius   10

BarneyRubble 13 Feb 2015