Hey, Doreen by Lucius

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Thanks, NPR. Thanpr (also, they're playing The Shackwell Arms on 20/11 so that's pretty rad).

Seniath 4 Sep 2013

This again, because I've been listening to pretty much nothing but the Lucius album for the past week.

Seniath 21 Oct 2013

After their fabulous 4 track EP, and seeing them live twice - both amazing performances - I worried my expectations were going to be too high for the first full length album from Lucius. After hearing this first single, the only problem now is that the wait for the full length has become unbearable.

boredJonathan 24 Jul 2013

Been binge-listening to this album since it came out today, and this tune is one of my favorites. These gals can sing!

jlhanson11 16 Oct 2013

Here's a nice upbeat earworm with a dark video for ya. Heard this on the local college radio station a week or so ago and it's been in my head fairly regularly since.   24

shiningsun2k 11 Apr 2015

Let's straighten this whole damn mess we've gotten ourselves in

damnithannah 31 Jul 2015