Beethoven, Symphony 7, Allegretto, mvt 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven

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but andyhd was first  

taking it way back

premizzle 12 Oct 2013

I love this piece. This performance feels a bit too fast, but the video is cool.   1

andyhd 31 Jan 2012

Yep love it   1

rjmockett 15 Feb 2015

Inspired by watching Zardoz (aka The Time Machine + Logan's Run)

tilapia 2 Jul 2012

Something a bit different... one for classical fans out there. (And Zardoz fans too, I guess...)

catcalzone 30 Sep 2014

#10bestclassical I used to be a serious Beethoven fan, and even if my taste has since wandered from this kind of a romantic/classical bombast, there are still pieces that just get me every time. And even if this one has been beaten to a pulp (so to speak), used and abused, it hasn't lost any of its power.   2

Gummi 10 Oct 2014