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As I lay dying, you tell me to live. And with life, I was selfish; you taught me to give. Baba, if I hurt you, please try to forgive. For no man is perfect in this world that we live.

jochendv 22 Oct 2014

#LUH #Unites #sodwee #WULYF #thisismyjam Read more : LUH. Or Lost Under Heaven is the solo project of WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts. Now band members are doing their own stuff after the ephemeral band split up a while back. Ellery James Roberts along with Ebony Hoorn went on to drop a real interesting track promising more in the future. We like the direction he’s taking with his vocal work. At times we’re thrown back into similar King Krule moments but quickly woken up into some bold orchestration and arrangements by Yousif Al-Karaghouli.

sodwee 28 Oct 2014

New music from ex-Wu Lyf frontman!

danalani 17 Oct 2014

So good to have Ellery James Roberts back, was such a fan of WULYF and love this just as much. The video is such a good piece of motion design and projection too

lucyfjp 18 Oct 2014